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Now that the complete programming schedules for 2012 have been revealed, James and Jeremy help you make sense out of it all in our epic, special edition SDConCast! The guys walk through each day of the con and tell you what the big panels are, what you need to do to get in, and the tough choices you'll have to make. When all else fails, they've even highlighted a few "smaller" panels for you to use as a backup on your schedule.

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The Hosts:

Jeremy Rutz Twitter:@spotanime Website: About Me

James Riley Twitter: @danregal Website:


02:45 - Thursday

24:43 - Friday

46:22 - Saturday

1:05:26 - Sunday

Music: David Bowie, "Thursday's Child." Link

Rebecca Black, "Friday". Link

Chicago, "Saturday In The Park." Link

U2, "Sunday Bloody Sunday" Link

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