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It's the last hour of Comic-Con @ Home! The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog welcomes back Patrick Ballesteros as he sketches live! He'll be drawing characters in line for that one laaaaaast exclusive — and you get to call out which characters he draws! At the end of the session, the drawing will be put up for sale online, with proceeds benefitting the United Way of San Diego. Meanwhile, The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog team will discuss how SDCC went being virtual as well as count down to the "end of the con."

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San Diego Comic-Con has been cancelled for 2020 (physically at least). But we're still here, so we're going to bring some of Comic-Con to you virtually. This is going to be a celebration with special guests, information on how to support artists and exhibitors who would have been at SDCC, and probably even some prizes.

Schedule/Guest Line-Up:

Zachary Levi, Nerd HQ co-founder and actor (Shazam!, Chuck)
Yvette Nicole Brown (Community, Talking Dead)
Patrick Ballesteros, artist
Brittany Curran (The Magicians)
Victoria Ying, author/illustrator
Adam McArthur (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)
Factory Entertainment
Darin De Paul (Overwatch, Shazam!)

Join us for fun, news, and come together as part of the SDCC community.

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It's time for the final SDConCast before #SDCCOnline! This month our guest is Suman Chatterjee, Co-Owner and Art Director of Yesterdays. He'll join us to talk about pins and cons. We'll also discuss the #SDCC schedule, news, exclusives, and more.

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It's time for this month's SDConCast, the official podcast of the San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog. SDCC is still cancelled, but we're still going to do a show. This month our guest is Gil Cabrera, former Chairman of the San Diego Convention Center Board of Directors. He'll join us to talk about what it takes to host the most popular comic convention in the world. And about chocolate.

Join us for an informative show!

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We're back for Season 9 of SDConCast, the official podcast of the San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog. Despite the cancellation of SDCC 2020 we're going to keep on doing what we do (with a few alterations). Our special guest this month is our first threepeat, the stellar Mark Evanier. We're going to talk all things Comic-Con and more.

Join us for the kickoff of our most unusual season yet!

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WonderCon 2020 has been postponed, but that doesn't mean we can't bring some virtual WonderCon to your home. The SDCC Unofficial Blog is bringing together an array of special guests in one big 3 hour telecast. We are spotlighting the #WonderConOnline effort to help all those artists and vendors hit hard by the loss of income.

Join us for all or part of this epic event! Support artists and vendors any time by checking out the #WonderConOnline hashtag on social media.

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WonderCon 2020 has been postponed. What do we do? We make sure you have all the up to date information and help out as many vendors/artists as possible. That's the show.

Join us as we discuss the #WonderConOnline event, news, and come together as a community.

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